Scout Classic Style Small Torch 115 Lumens

Practically perfect in every way  scout_torch_SC331_large.jpg

Just the torch for your little (or larger) well-prepared scout. The Scout Classic Style  Small Torch is small enough (at 190 x 115 mm) to fit into a backpack without any difficulty. The 3 watt LED bulb will work for 100,000 hours, so there won’t be any arguments if it’s left on all night, (by accident, or not if the dark is a little scary on those camping trips!)

The Scout Classic Style Small Torch has adjustable power from 10% to 100% at the press of the red Morse Code button. This will help to improve the life of your batteries and brilliant for signalling to your mates in the other tent!

Designed by the Scout Association themselves (every sale of this torch equals a donation of 6% to the Scout Association), the Scout Classic Style Small Torch has the vintage look of a stainless steel torches through the ages. Inside the torch it is very much 21st Century; there’s a hook concealed in its body for hanging up in tents or cars and even a spare battery compartment inside for  added security (batteries running out on a trekking weekend? have no fear…)

If you have a scout in your life, complete their christmas and buy them the Scout Classic Style Small Torch, upgraded technology for a
legendary association.