Maglite MAG-TAC Police LED torch- 310 lumens

Maglite MAG-TAC Police LED

Built To Last

Possibly when you think of the Maglite brand, check you might think of heavy, clinic durable, sale big flashlights which although highly dependable, can be a bit weighty to carry around.  This LED torch blows those assumptions out of the water.The new Maglite MAG-TAC Police LED torch has all the power of Maglite’s bigger brothers but is compacted into a smaller, fit-in-the-pocket (131.95 mm) formidable torch.

Superb Grip

When you pick it up, you can feel that this little friend isn’t going anywhere. Its surface has been described as ‘aggressive’ and it’s certainly that; put it down on a slippery surface – it’s going to stay there. Rainy night? The Maglite MAG-TAC Police LED torch isn’t going to slide out of your hand.

Super Bright

The Maglite MAG-TAC Police LED torch featured here has been designed with police and civilians in mind and features a plain smooth bezel, (the military version has a crowned bezel.) The super-bright beam is 310 lumens which easily reaches out to over 180 metres; fantastic for outdoor police work, security forces or rugged terrain activities.

There are three functions which you can access quickly with the tail switch: Momentary, full beam and dimmer beam for power saving.  As the tail switch actually resets itself into the body of the torch there won’t be any accidental glowing pockets or dazzled mates.

Maglite MAG-TAC  Police LED torch takes 2x CR123 batteries which come included. It also features a detachable clip and comes in a presentation gift box.