LED Lenser H14R 4 in 1 Rechargeable – 220 Lumens

The Number One Head Torch for Flexibility and Performance

head-torchesIf you love camping, cycling, hiking or generally being outdoors, do not leave home without the LED Lenser H14R head torch.
Obviously you will have the luxury of a hands-free kit, but combined with this is the outstanding technology and performance. Not only is the LED Lenser H14R a fantastic head torch, but it has another three functions; it can be transformed into a body/belt light, mounted onto handle bars to use on your bike (or onto metal poles as a bracket lamp) or simply used in your tent as a mobile spotlight. The list is not exhaustible!
The light itself has a swivel function of 90 °, a beam of 210 metres and with a brightness of 220 lumens – why would you want anything else? Better still, the LED Lenser H14R has an advanced focus system and no fewer than 8 light modes: including a dim light, strobe (potentially for SOS) or continuously variable dimming.
As a head torch it’s lightweight and flexible; the straps easily unlock and detatch the light for your different activities. The batteries are supplied and they’re rechargeable (what a deal!).
The LED Lenser H14R has the feature of the microcontroller-operated Smart Light Technology (SLT), what is this I hear you ask? Well, you control the head lamp ALL through ONE BUTTON! Scroll through your three programs, your eight different functions all through the same button… Easy and professional.