LED Lenser P7.2 – 320 lumens Pro torch

The nights are drawing in but Rover still needs a walk… sound familiar? If you’re looking around for a decent lightweight torch then this new updated version of the P7 would fit the bill. The LED Lenser P7.2 is light enough for everyday dog walks or camping trips yet bright enough to reach 260 metres. Be amazed and delighted with the brightness of this new LED torch. The range is extraordinary; from a wide flood to a tight beam in seconds with the easy-slide speed focus – the 250 lumens is still immensely bright and will last twice as long than at 320. The 4 batteries were supplied but easily replaced with triple AAA’s (niftily fitting in a barrel – no more loose connections!). The LED Lenser P7.2 holds well in the hand, medical has a good grip even when wet and comes with a belt pouch which would be handy for camping and hiking when night suddenly descends, although at only 130mm it fits in a jacket pocket perfectly. Fantastic purchase.

Maglite Solitaire LED red

Maglite Solitaire LED – A Cut Above The Rest


Christmas is coming…

And if you’re looking for a small flashlight that is just a bit better than the cheapest on the market, you   don’t  have to look very far than the Maglite Solitaire LED. This model comes in an attractive (and festive!) bright red. It is, simply put, all you need in an everyday flashlight.

The make is Maglite of course, a brand you can always depend on, and the Maglite Solitaire LED is a neat little companion weighing in at only 24g, and that’s with the battery. One of the reasons it is so lightweight is the battery needed is only a 1 x AAA.

The beam range is a startling 55m, with the tiny LED providing a brilliant 37 lumens; the Maglite Solitaire LED is perfect for dog-walking, camping or to have in your pocket for the walk home, from work or school (especially on winter evenings).

This nifty torch is a great christmas gift for the children, the light being easy to turn on or off,  and swivel into a flood light or beam. The icing on the cake is that its waterproof as well.

The Maglite Solitaire LED comes in a swish presentation gift box, complete and ready to use.

LED Lenser H14R 4 in 1 Rechargeable – 220 Lumens

The Number One Head Torch for Flexibility and Performance

head-torchesIf you love camping, cycling, hiking or generally being outdoors, do not leave home without the LED Lenser H14R head torch.
Obviously you will have the luxury of a hands-free kit, but combined with this is the outstanding technology and performance. Not only is the LED Lenser H14R a fantastic head torch, but it has another three functions; it can be transformed into a body/belt light, mounted onto handle bars to use on your bike (or onto metal poles as a bracket lamp) or simply used in your tent as a mobile spotlight. The list is not exhaustible!
The light itself has a swivel function of 90 °, a beam of 210 metres and with a brightness of 220 lumens – why would you want anything else? Better still, the LED Lenser H14R has an advanced focus system and no fewer than 8 light modes: including a dim light, strobe (potentially for SOS) or continuously variable dimming.
As a head torch it’s lightweight and flexible; the straps easily unlock and detatch the light for your different activities. The batteries are supplied and they’re rechargeable (what a deal!).
The LED Lenser H14R has the feature of the microcontroller-operated Smart Light Technology (SLT), what is this I hear you ask? Well, you control the head lamp ALL through ONE BUTTON! Scroll through your three programs, your eight different functions all through the same button… Easy and professional.

Scout Classic Style Small Torch 115 Lumens

Practically perfect in every way  scout_torch_SC331_large.jpg

Just the torch for your little (or larger) well-prepared scout. The Scout Classic Style  Small Torch is small enough (at 190 x 115 mm) to fit into a backpack without any difficulty. The 3 watt LED bulb will work for 100,000 hours, so there won’t be any arguments if it’s left on all night, (by accident, or not if the dark is a little scary on those camping trips!)

The Scout Classic Style Small Torch has adjustable power from 10% to 100% at the press of the red Morse Code button. This will help to improve the life of your batteries and brilliant for signalling to your mates in the other tent!

Designed by the Scout Association themselves (every sale of this torch equals a donation of 6% to the Scout Association), the Scout Classic Style Small Torch has the vintage look of a stainless steel torches through the ages. Inside the torch it is very much 21st Century; there’s a hook concealed in its body for hanging up in tents or cars and even a spare battery compartment inside for  added security (batteries running out on a trekking weekend? have no fear…)

If you have a scout in your life, complete their christmas and buy them the Scout Classic Style Small Torch, upgraded technology for a
legendary association.

Maglite MAG-TAC Police LED torch- 310 lumens

Maglite MAG-TAC Police LED

Built To Last

Possibly when you think of the Maglite brand, check you might think of heavy, clinic durable, sale big flashlights which although highly dependable, can be a bit weighty to carry around.  This LED torch blows those assumptions out of the water.The new Maglite MAG-TAC Police LED torch has all the power of Maglite’s bigger brothers but is compacted into a smaller, fit-in-the-pocket (131.95 mm) formidable torch.

Superb Grip

When you pick it up, you can feel that this little friend isn’t going anywhere. Its surface has been described as ‘aggressive’ and it’s certainly that; put it down on a slippery surface – it’s going to stay there. Rainy night? The Maglite MAG-TAC Police LED torch isn’t going to slide out of your hand.

Super Bright

The Maglite MAG-TAC Police LED torch featured here has been designed with police and civilians in mind and features a plain smooth bezel, (the military version has a crowned bezel.) The super-bright beam is 310 lumens which easily reaches out to over 180 metres; fantastic for outdoor police work, security forces or rugged terrain activities.

There are three functions which you can access quickly with the tail switch: Momentary, full beam and dimmer beam for power saving.  As the tail switch actually resets itself into the body of the torch there won’t be any accidental glowing pockets or dazzled mates.

Maglite MAG-TAC  Police LED torch takes 2x CR123 batteries which come included. It also features a detachable clip and comes in a presentation gift box.