LED Lenser T7.2 Tactical Torch


Anti-slip, much more grip

When using your torch do you have to wear gloves as well?  (ok, at this time of year, everyone has to wear gloves.) But for security employees, dog-walkers, or outdoor enthusiasts who might have found that the average torch is slipping out of  their grasp – tighten your knuckles around the LED Lenser T7.2 Tactical Torch and  get a grip.

The LED Lenser T7.2 Tactical Torch is the latest overhauled version from the dependable brand, LED Lenser; it now reaches a
highly impressive 260m and has a blinding beam of 320 lumens. This is all due to the amazing ‘CREE’ LED (what’s CREE? It’s actually a microchip which emits a brilliantly intense pure white light and leaves any other torch beam in the dark, it is also highly
efficient with a long life span and needing fewer batteries).

As it is the LED Lenser T7.2 Tactical Torch only takes 4 x AAA batteries and on low power will run for a total of 50 hours – ideal for every day use.

Back to that gripping body…the LED Lenser T7.2 Tactical Torch has a matt black anti-slip finish with a deeper knurled design for improved grip, or indeed for mounting onto weapons. The head has been made larger and more defined for even stronger grasp on  this top of the range torch.

The LED Lenser T7.2 Tactical Torch has the familiar 3 settings for output; Low, Power and Boost, as well as the easy slide speed focus switch with a fast lock beam . (A note on the focus – the LED Lenser T7.2 Tactical Torch has a re-configured lens which provides a wider area
for spot and flood light.)

So here it is with gloves, and bells on; The new LED Lenser T7.2 Tactical Torch.

Olight S10 Baton 400 Lumen – 15 day beam


Your Little Friend In The Dark

At just 70.5 mm (2.7 inch), this wee fella is exactly who you want with you on those evening walks, jogging or just getting into the house in the dark! The Olight S10 Baton is so small that it fits into the palm of your hand, but don’t be fooled; the output stands up to scrutiny, giving out an enlightening 400 Lumens in Mode 1. The beam range is 85 metres.

The Olight S10 Baton feels great; compact in your hand, the body is anti-scratch and  anti-slip. The knurling is well designed, fitting (and staying) right into your hand, even when gloved. Not only that – it’s waterproof too! The size and weight means it’s extremely portable, it slips into the handbag and pocket without a fuss.The switch mounted on the top is so easy to use – simply press and hold to go through the 4 light mode options; high, medium, low and moonlight – (moonlight! cunning hey? for when the moon’s bright but you still need a bit of light.) If you use the moonlight option, the battery on the Olight S10Baton will last for a fantastic 15 days!

The Olight S10 Baton is simply clever and neat; it comes with a Cree XML -LED which means it has outstanding energy efficiency and durability. It has an orange-peel reflector and best of all, the torch comes with a powerful magnet on its base – lost your keys in the dark? No problem. Need to rest the torch down in the dark without it moving? It won’t budge on metal. The magnet can also be removed from the base easily.

The icing on the cake? The Olight S10 Baton comes in a nifty transparent box and is already supplied with a CR123A battery.

The Olight s10 Baton; durable, portable and reliable for everyday use.

LED Lenser H14R.2 850 Lumens Rechargeable Head torch


850 Lumens: Power up for the new year…

“Become a light pirate” says the Led Lenser webpage, and boy, you would become the captain of the whole Jolly Roger
with this ultimate rechargeable lighting system. All aboard for the LED Lenser H14R.2

Whatever you’re doing in the pitch black; walking, fishing, camping, climbing or filming, you’re going to need the LED Lenser H14R.2 to do it. With the outrageous boast of 850 lumens on the boost function, this headlight lives up to to it and more.

Outstanding in its innovative technology, the LED Lenser H14R.2 is a 3 in 1 rechargeable light which could be used as a headlamp, spotlight or belt light ( it comes with a hook for this purpose.) This makes it perfect for outdoor use or whenever you need light and the use of your hands to coincide.The ergonomic design is comfortable and strong, the redesigned cabling is now a lot more flexible and irons out those patches where strain is exposed.

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LED Lenser P5R.2 Rechargeable torch

great torch with on- the- go rechargeability

Recharge. Reload. Revamped for the New Year

What’s the worst thing about having a great torch which you use every day and have to depend on for high performance and powerful light output? The batteries… out they come and in they go, running out at the most awkward of times and then go missing when you’re fumbling about in the dark,  they’re not cheap either … well, your grievances have been answered yet again and LED Lenser have come up with a solution – the LED Lenser P5R.2 Rechargeable torch.

The LED Lenser P5R.2 Rechargeable torch is an updated version of the LED Lenser P5R, which LED lenser have upgraded for 2014. They’ve made improvements such as a higher output of 270 lumens and a beam range of up to 240 m ,  and the typical battery burn time is up to 12 hours… oh yes, the battery – have we mentioned that the LED Lenser P5R.2 rechargeable torch can be charged up to an amazing 1000 times!And seeing as it only uses 1 lithium ion battery, this makes it the most economical torch you could ask for.

To charge the LED Lenser P5R.2 Rechargeable torch, you simply place it in the LED
Lenser Floating Charge System (optional wall mount or on-the-go charging), there’s
no annoying batteries or wires to mess around with; once again, LED Lenser have thought of everything.

As if this wasn’t enough, the LED Lenser P5R.2 Rechargeable torch has the Smart Light Technology with 3 power modes (power,low power and strobe) all through the one button on the tail cap. It comes with a belt clip for hands free moments as well as a Focus lock which makes sure the powerful beam doesn’t slip in and out of focus.

This a must have for camping, security employment, dog walking or any regular outdoor activity when you have to rely on
a high quality torch.