Princeton Tec BOT Kiddies LED green headtorch white LED


Small, simple, and ready for action, meet Bot. The newest and youngest member of The Family is designed with the same ergonomic features of the older members, but with a fun and bright Princeton Tec twist making it an ideal head torch for children. Comfortable to wear and easy to fit. Two Ultrabright LEDs housed in a variety of wild colours will certainly be the centre of attention, but look beyond that. The Bot is built with the same ruggedness and reliability as the rest of the headlamps in The Family. Durable plastics, a single arm bracket, and large push button make the Bot sturdy and simple to operate. In addition, the battery compartment on the Bot screws shut to ensure that the batteries won’t be accidentally accessed. Princeton Tec reliability and personality – the Bot rounds out The Family in a big way

Princeton Tec VIZZ IPX7 waterproof LED headtorch 165 lumen 310ft beam Black


The latest Princeton Tec model – the VIZZ head torch – is not only IPX7 waterproof but has an amazing beam range of 310ft (approx 95m). It has 3 simple modes including a dimmable mode and a RED LED beam to help preserve night vision. A lock function has also been included to prevent accidental turn-on when stowed away in back-pack. There is also a really useful low battery indicator letting you knw in advance when the batteries are due for a change.

Princeton Tec APEX LED headtorch 275 lumens 120m beam

Princeton Tec Apex has been upgraded to an amazing 275 lumens and a beam range of 120m. Being the biggest and brightest headlamp in the professional series, the Apex has been a favorite of extreme outdoorsmen and cavers for years. Truly the pinnacle of waterproof LED headlamp design, the Apex combines the qualities of both the Eos and the Quad. With a single Regulated Maxbright LED partnered with Four Regulated Ultrabright LEDs, the Apex provides either a powerful spot beam or a bright flood, and switching between the two is incredibly easy. Proprietary heatsink technology allows the LEDs to burn brighter and longer. The Apex is compatible with alkaline, lithium, and rechargeable batteries.